[AG-TECH] Webcam Configuration with VIC

aspale1 aspale1 at lac.uic.edu
Mon Jul 25 16:17:38 CDT 2005


I have been in the process of trying to get my Creative Webcam Live Ultra 
to work with VIC. I frequently received an error message that started with 
"Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error!". I came across an 
old e-mail that had the answer to my problem (though it is not very 
elegant) that can be found here: 

I would like to know if there is a way that I can specify certain VIC 
settings in the AG configuration where I could specify the webcam capture 
resolution (352x288) that will be sent to VIC or "permanently" set the VIC 
option of "Configure on Transmit" so that I can receive a dialog box that 
will allow me to set the mentioned resolution? If I can save this webcam 
resolution setting using my webcam software, could this information 
somehow be sent to the AG software which then would be sent to VIC?

When I have used the VRVS software with my webcam, I do not receive any 
configuration errors. Depending on the type of user I am, I will either 
receive the webcam configuration dialog box that will allow me to set the 
appropriate resolution or the VRVS VIC somehow "remembers" the webcam 
resolution setting and transmits without a problem. Is what I am trying to 
already possible?



National Center for Data Mining
University of Illinois at Chicago

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