[AG-TECH] RAT development on windows

Rajvikram Singh rsingh at evl.uic.edu
Tue Jul 19 15:37:26 CDT 2005

	I'm trying to modify the RAT code, in order to integrate it with a
video streaming system called TeraVision. TeraVision supports HDTV quality
streaming and has a foot in the door in the AG-framework as a service.

	I was successful in tmodifying the RAT code on Linux but under
windows, I'm running into basic compiler/linker errors with incompatible
.h or libs. My question is very basic ... has anyone tried compiling the
RAT distro under windows ? If yes, what was the development setup, I'm

[1] Visual Studio 6.0
[2] Have tred both intel and MS compilers
[3] Latest platform SDK
[4] Machine is updated with all patches/service packs

Any help would be greatly appreciated ...

Rajvikram Singh,		   |		Ph no :	312-996 3002 (EVL)
Research Assistant,		   |			312-421 7266 (Res)
Electronic Visualization Lab.	   |		Fax no:	312-413 7585 (EVL)
Univ. of Illinois at Chicago.	   |		Url:www.evl.uic.edu/rsingh	

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