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Ben Bogart bbogart at ryerson.ca
Mon Jul 18 15:26:24 CDT 2005

Hello all,

I already sent this to ag-dev, I thought some of you may be interested also.

My name is Ben Bogart. I'm currently working on the "Evolving Stories"
project (http://www.imagearts.ryerson.ca/evolvingstories/) and have been
working with accessgrid since 2002 through the Synth/Ops research group
and thought I would finally introduce myself to the community.

Anyhow in 2003 or so I hacked ucl vic to add fullscreen video windows
(without OS decorations). I never got around to submitting them to the
AG team. I've now patched my changes into the ag-media vic and attached
are the diffs for ui-windows.tcl and ui-main.tcl.

The reason the full-screen hack was made was for installation and art
projects where the window decorations were unacceptable in projections.
This feature is similar to the auto-place function of accessgrid but
much more simple.

I would like to submit this to the AGEP but I'm not sure what the
process should be. Also we have no access to a windows compiler so it
would be great if someone could compile these changes to vic and send us
a windows binary to test on our matrox QID display machine.

Thanks for your time.
Ben Bogart
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