[AG-TECH] Gentner AP400

Natalia Costas Lago natalia at cesga.es
Sun Jul 17 17:14:46 CDT 2005

There's a pinout scheme for the XAP400 serial cable, probably there's one 
for the AP400. Make a cable with the exact pinout, just to be sure u r using 
the right one.

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> John Hodrien said:
>> On Tue, 5 Jul 2005, Darin Oman wrote:
>>> Hi Jeremy,
>>> Are you sure the serial port on the computer is enabled/working?
>> ClearOne recommended disabling the hardware flow control when we had
>> problems
>> with connecting to the device.
> Thanks John, but I tried all the settings in the RS232 menu and it still
> didn't work. I'm going to try some cables. I know the cable from our
> managed switch works so I'm going to try that cable next.
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