[AG-TECH] Help needed to set up video (AG) machine

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Thu Jul 7 20:01:27 CDT 2005

Hi Yash,

> I am trying to set up the video machine running fedora core 3. Can you
> please help me in installing AG (specially vic) on it? It wud be helpful
> if u can send all the instructions in detail along with the softwares
> that are to be installed on it.

Are you using 32bit Intel Fedora Core 3 or x86-64 Fedora Core 3?

The AccessGrid-2.3-7.x86_64.rpm file I released last month was missing the 
vic executables, fortunately there were only a very small number of sites (5 
actually) that downloaded it, unlike the i386 RPMs.

If you are using 32bit Intel Fedora Core 3, please elborate what problem you 
are having with VideoService, VideoProducerService or VideoConsumerService? 
vic will automatically be installed (into 
.AccessGrid/local_services/video*Servcie) once the Video Services are 

If you are using x86-64 FC4 and you installed AccessGrid-2.3-7.x86_64.rpm 
before yesterday, copy the Video*Service.zip files from:
to replace the broken Video*Service.zip files.


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