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It really depends on how many sources you will have.  Usually
there are enough outputs on a Gentner/ClearOne - an XAP gives
you 12 - but you may run out of inputs.  Again there are 12, of
which 8 can use the echo canceller (and other) features and the
remaining 4 can just be routed and faded in/out onto the outputs.

If you have 6 mics (e.g. 4 audience, 1 podium, 1 radiomic), that
takes up 6 of your 'mic' inputs (fully featured) channels.  Input
and output to the AG system will take up 2 more ins and outs,
although the ins can be on simple inputs.  That leaves you just
4 ins (2 full, 2 simple).  If you want to put raw 5.1 input through
the system, you're stuffed!  If you want to put matrixed 5.1
through, and split out to 5.1 afterwards, you're OK, but that makes
it harder to control the speakers - you might land up with a 5.1
speaker system AND a stereo speaker system for AG.

You could look at an expansion unit (I think it has a model
number with 1212 in to, which gives you an idea how many ins
and outs it adds) and if you route the extra ins to the groups
(I forget what Gentner/ClearOne call them) they are shared with
the XAP800, IIRC.

We've just done something similar (although without 5.1 sound)
for a room where the XAP800 is shared between the general AV
and VC required for the room, and the AG.  We needed a small
(control-less) mixer to bring sources together (VCR, DVD etc..)
that would not be used simultaneously.  It feeds a single pair
of Gentner inputs.




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> Hi all,
> For those who are audio gurus - to this non-audio guru (not even at 
> home) - I have a professor interested in dropping an AG room into his 
> training/class room and I'm helping spec out for the budget. 
> What I can 
> not get straight in my head is how I will have a sound system (5.1 - 
> such as http://www.genelecusa.com/news/powerpak_8000.php  and an echo 
> canceler (XAP800 for example, which is what i'm famliar with) 
> setup so 
> that the class can experience whatever audio (from DVD, etc) and then 
> use the same speakers/system for AG audio. I.e. this is a 
> classroom as 
> well as an AG room. I'm looking into the projection system, 
> etc now as 
> well...
> It's not clear to me if I need an additional mixer board or something 
> or if i'll already have what i need.
> Questions and comments and help appreciated if anyone can help me 
> understand better,
> Thanks,
> John Q.
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