[AG-TECH] Bridging and Vic on a single machine multi-camera node

Hill, NM (Nick) N.M.Hill at rl.ac.uk
Wed Jan 26 15:49:12 CST 2005

Hi all,

I have a question about bridging an AG session on a multi-camera single
machine node as it is not working properly for me. My understanding of this
is as follows but may be wrong:

When using multicast then you can have multiple Vics running and they all
pick up the multicast channels and all is fine. If you switch to a bridge
then multiple Vics uses unicast to transmit out to the bridge OK but all try
to bind to the same incoming ports so the vic for display doesn't receive
anything and just sits "Waiting for Video".

I cannot really see how this can work on a single machine node with multiple
cameras but I'm willing to be told I'm wrong and informed how to do it! It
doesn't do it by default. 

The only solution I have tried that works is to use two bridges. The first
bridge is used for the Vics providing camera output and the second bridge to
point a Vic at to get all the incoming streams. This rather defeats the
object of the neat Multicast/Unicast switch in the Venue server as you have
to manually run the vic to the second bridge to get the incoming streams :-(

This is of course irrelevant for either a multi-machine node or a PIG with
one camera.

Any help for a multi-camera single node machine greatly appreciated, 

Nick Hill
Rutherford Appleton Labs
e-Science Centre
n.m.hill at rl.ac.uk   
01235 445423 

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