[AG-TECH] Juddering in Sony PTZ cameras

Natalia Costas Lago natalia at cesga.es
Wed Jan 26 02:46:29 CST 2005

We have that kind of problem, but ours is produced by the vibration of the 
walls, that is transmitted to the cameras. The magnetic engine reduces the 
noise produced by the cameras but makes them more sensitive to vibrations... 
or that's what we think.. the problem was alleviated "unscrewing" them to 
the support (a small metallic plate..).

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> We have several Sony EVI-D100 PTZ cameras used for AG etc.
> (successor to D30 as used in Polycom H323 appliances etc.)
> The cameras have AFAIK a stepping motor to control pan/tilt. It is
> normally extremely quiet.
> At least 2 of them occasionally go into a mode where they start vibrating
> in one axis. They usually recover, but not always. It sometimes starts
> as a result of a programmed move from one preset to another, but
> today also during a manual pan. It is quite noisy and annoying during a
> meeting. I thought we had one lemon which was on a secondary camera.
> Today we have an AG meeting where I am driving 3 cameras and 2 of them
> did this.
> Has anyone else ever seen this or know what is causing it ?
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