[AG-TECH] AG toolkit version question

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Sun Jan 23 19:46:34 CST 2005

Hi Nathan,

> Will one of the AG 2.3 toolkit versions run on Redhat 7.3?

To try and get AGTk 2.3 (Fedora)  RPMs working on RH7.3, you would end up in 
an RPM inter-dependency hell, as many system RPMs would need to be installed 
or updated including libc and a number of Python RPMs.

The last AGTk version to work on Redhat 7.3 was AGTk 2.2, and support for 
RH7.3 was abandoned in the AG CVS repository well before the AGTk 2.3 betas 
were released.


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