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Jim Miller jmiller at insors.com
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I can only answer question 1.  inSORS has recently developed a new tool to
connect to a dynamic AG2.3 room as long as there is an AG client in the room
already.  This works for encrypted rooms.  We are in final stages of beta
testing on it.  We will deliver to our customers in the upcoming weeks.

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I am just wanting to clear up a point with venue servers and venue

Currently, we host a venue server for UK venues at
https://george.ag.mcc.ac.uk:8000/Venues/default.  We use static addressing
for all our venues to keep compatibility with inSORS software and various
bridging software other than AGTK2.3 bridges.  Some of the UK sites have
been requesting venues on the Argonne Institutional Venue Server.  These
appear to have been created with dynamic addressing, so people trying to
meet but using different venue servers cannot see one another in the same

My questions are:
1) Is dynamic addressing compatible with the inSORS software and if so how?
2) Do dynamic addresses translate across AGTk2.3 venue servers? i.e. if I
create a venue on two different venue servers with the same name and dynamic
addressing, will people on different venue servers be able to see each
3) Is it possible to add statically addressed venues to the Argonne
Institutional Venue Server?  If so how?
4) Why has the University of Manchester disappeared from the Argonne
Institutional Venue Server?
5) Can I make a direct link (i.e. without a venue) from the Argonne
Institutional Venue Server to our UK Venue Server and if so how?
6) Can I make a reverse link from our UK Venue Server to the Argonne
Institutional Venue Server and if so how?


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