[AG-TECH] capture cards..

Porfirio Gaona pgg at ixtli.unam.mx
Wed Jan 19 17:08:44 CST 2005


I have problems to find capture cards based on 878 chipset.  I've tried to
find Hauppage WinTV and Pinnacle PCTV Pro without successful.

I have a machine with 3 PCI 64 bit/66 MHz (PCI-X slots) and 2 PCI 32
bit/33 MHz (PCI Slots).

I have read about some Osprey 100 capture card, but in the same case, I
think that is discontinued.

Do you have a suggerence?

I'm installind Fedora Core 3 in our Video PC.  I think that in this PC
isn't necesary have audio card.  The audio card will be managed by our
Audio PC and our Control PC (with the Gentner).

Our AG will be:

Audio PC. Linux with Fedora Core 3
Video PC. Linux with Fedora Core 3
Control PC. With WinXP
Display PC. With WinXP.

Porfirio Gaona

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