[AG-TECH] rat not displaying

Colin Perkins csp at csperkins.org
Fri Jan 14 18:37:03 CST 2005

On 13 Jan 2005, at 22:51, Cindy Sievers wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am trying to help a colleague in Isreal set up a pig node.  He is 
> running windows xp sp1, has no multicast. He has AGtk2.3 installed and 
> it is working ok except that rat doesn't display on his machine.  He 
> has the audio service enabled, has a headset plugged into the 
> integrated audio on his hp machine, and the rat.exe, ratui.exe, and 
> ratmedia.exe all show up as processes running on his task manager.  
> But the rat tool just doesn't display on his machine.  He also has his 
> windows firewall turned off.
> He can use the unicast bridge to enter a venue, he can transmit and 
> receive video fine.
> Am I missing something here?  If it were a port issue, the rat tool 
> would still at least be displayed, wouldn't it?

No. The different parts of rat use host-local multicast as an 
interprocess communication mechanism. You get exactly these symptoms if 
multicast is either not enabled on the network interface rat uses, or 
blocked by your host firewall.


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