[AG-TECH] AG 2.3

Brian Corrie bcorrie at sfu.ca
Thu Jan 13 11:26:48 CST 2005

Hi George,

For some basic documentation on the installation process you can have a 
look at some of WestGrid's documentation. There is a fairly extensive 
install manual that should be up to date with respect to 2.3.

Not sure if it will solve your problems but it might help. In 
particular, you should not need to run AGNodeService explicitly on the 
display machine if you are running the VenueClient on the display 
machine, as the VenueClient starts up all of the appropriate services 
that are required to manage the node when it starts. You should just 
need to run a ServiceManager on each machine that does not run the 

The web site for the WestGrid docs are at:




Glover George wrote:

> Hi all, 
> I'll ask the RTM question first.... Is there a searchable archive for
> the ag-tech mailing list?  I think it's a little much to ask for
> people to scan through month by month looking for answers, and would
> eliminate questions like the ones I'm about to ask.
> We were sort of blind sided (our fault) by the AG 1.x retirement, and
> have been forced to once again attempt to install version 2.x (2.3
> now).  It is an understatement to say "try".  We tried to follow the
> instructions on the ag site, but things seem to be a little outdated. 
> For instance, it says for multiple machine based node setups, you
> should go to each machine, and run AGServiceManager.py, and then run
> AGNodeService on the display machine.  I am at a loss as to where an
> AGNodeService.py file is.  So should I even be using that
> documentation?
> Now what we did, and the errors that came.  Installed AG 2.3 on Audio
> (linux, RH9), Video (linux, RH9), and Display (Windows XP).  I tried
> to run AGService manager on the audio and video, but didn't have any
> identity.  So on each of the linux machines, i ran the VenueClient
> once to import the certificate and create a proxy, and then exited. 
> Ag Service manager then ran and presented a URL for each of the
> machines.  I did the same thing on the windows xp display machine as
> well.  Then with all three machines running AG service manager, we ran
> the  Node Setup Wizard from the windows xp display machine.  (Side
> note: if there already exists a configuration, it won't let you save
> another one over it, we realized this when we had to remove the
> .AccessGrid directory and start from scratch after a few attempts just
> to get it to save and quit giving errors).
> When we then run the venue client on the windows xp machine, first of
> all the configuration doean's load the display machine in the service
> managers (which we DID specify in the setup, probably another small
> bug).  We had to go manually add it to the service managers, and add
> the video consumer service.  After tinkering with it, we finally got
> the video machine and display machine somewhat working.  However, the
> audio machine, even though it shows the audio service enabled in the
> node management on the display machine, no rat ever appears on the
> audio machine.  There are, however, 3 rat processes listed with the
> one labeled rat-media defunct (zombie process).
> 1. In this setup where does the rat show up? on the audio machine
> correct?  Any ideas why it might be dying?  Permission on the audio
> devices are 666 and shouldn't be a problem.
> 2. Why does the venue client take so long to run and change rooms? 
> Does this happen to everyone, or should I be looking for problems? 
> (by long i mean, on the order of 30+ seconds).
> TIA, 
> Cheers.

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