[AG-TECH] RHFC2, CX88xx driver, vic problem

Many Ayromlou mayromlo at ryerson.ca
Tue Jan 11 15:05:51 CST 2005

Thanks Doug, good to know.....just phoned Hauppauge Support and got the  
low down on what chip is inside what card:

North America:
WinTV Go (mono), WinTV Go FM (stereo, FM radio), WinTV Go plus (stereo,  
remote) all have BT878 chips for sure (for now).
WinTV Radio (stereo, FM, remote) has had the CX881 chip for about the  
last 6 months (which is what I had)

All cards have CX881 chip as far as this tech support guy could make  

BTW. I was lucky enough and my supplier is swapping all four cards for  
me (thank god for that :-)). So the question will be what happens to  
WinTV Go cards in the future.....yikes, I think I'll 4 more as spares  

BTW2 BT8xx works flawlessly under FC2 (and Suse 9.1 and 9.2 using FC2  

On 11-Jan-05, at 7:49 AM, Douglas Kosovic wrote:

> Hi Many,
>> Just installing AG2.3 on a linux box and am having a bunch of  
>> trouble. I'm using AGTK2.3 rpms for RHFC2 from  
>> http://www.itee.uq.edu.au/~grangenet/ag_fedora/ everything went fine.  
>> I've also gone ahead and upgraded all the software on RH install (man  
>> there was like 150 of those suckers.....). Right now I have a  
>> uptodate RHFC2 install with AGTK2.3 installed. Venueclient works fine  
>> (imported cert and everything).
>> The problem is Vic (I extracted it from /etc/Accessgrid/..... path  
>> and am running it from command line). It works fine when I run it or  
>> transmit X11 stuff but as soon as I choose one of the video devices  
>> and transmit the options menu locks up (well the whole app locks up).
>> Now I looked around a bit and latest version of xawtv (which I  
>> downloaded and compiled) works flawlessly with all 4 video devices  
>> (they are cx88xx chips.....atleast from lsmod output).
> Vic uses the older V4L API, not the newer V4L2 API. Unfortunately,  
> using xawtv has only proved that the CX88xx native V4L2 calls are  
> working flawlessly for you, not how good the V4L compatibility layer  
> is working.
> Some V4L2 drivers have pathetic V4L compatibilty layers, some don't  
> even implement the V4L compatibilty layer. Sorry, I don't know what  
> the state of V4L layer of the CX88xx driver is, as I've never used a  
> CX88xx capture card.
>> So anyways....totally lost right now....about to go down to FC1 just  
>> to get kernel 2.4.....what a mess :-)
> As far as I know, there in no native V4L cx88xx driver, so in order to  
> get some CX88xx support with kernel 2.4, a V4L2 patch would need to be  
> applied . It's a real mess to apply the patch for the Red Hat modified  
> 2.4 kernel that FC1 uses and at the end of it, you'll be in the same  
> postion as FC2, using the V4L2 compatibility layer.
> Doug
A TV can insult your intelligence, but nothing rubs it in like a  

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