[AG-TECH] RHFC2, CX88xx driver, vic problem

Many Ayromlou mayromlo at ryerson.ca
Mon Jan 10 16:24:47 CST 2005

Hi All,

Just installing AG2.3 on a linux box and am having a bunch of trouble. I'm using AGTK2.3 rpms for RHFC2 from http://www.itee.uq.edu.au/~grangenet/ag_fedora/ everything went fine. I've also gone ahead and upgraded all the software on RH install (man there was like 150 of those suckers.....). Right now I have a uptodate RHFC2 install with AGTK2.3 installed. Venueclient works fine (imported cert and everything). 

The problem is Vic (I extracted it from /etc/Accessgrid/..... path and am running it from command line). It works fine when I run it or transmit X11 stuff but as soon as I choose one of the video devices and transmit the options menu locks up (well the whole app locks up).

Now I looked around a bit and latest version of xawtv (which I downloaded and compiled) works flawlessly with all 4 video devices (they are cx88xx chips.....atleast from lsmod output).

Now debug wise I straced the process (strace -p <processid>) and this is what I got. Does any of this make sense....:

fstat64(1, {st_mode=S_IFCHR|0620, st_rdev=makedev(136, 0), ...}) = 0
mmap2(NULL, 4096, PROT_READ|PROT_WRITE, MAP_PRIVATE|MAP_ANONYMOUS, -1, 0) = 0xb7dbc000
write(1, "Got pict, palette=4\n", 20)   = 20
ioctl(9, SONYPI_IOCGBATFLAGS or VIDIOCSPICT, 0x84b8b3c) = 0
ioctl(9, VIDIOCGPICT, 0x84b8b3c)        = 0
write(1, "Got pict again, palette=4\n", 26) = 26
ioctl(9, SONYPI_IOCGBAT1REM or VIDIOCSCHAN, 0xbfffd280) = 0
brk(0)                                  = 0x84d0000
brk(0x84f4000)                          = 0x84f4000
ioctl(9, VIDIOCMCAPTURE, 0x84b8b78)     = 0
ioctl(9, VIDIOCMCAPTURE, 0x84b8b88)     = 0
gettimeofday({1105393718, 122990}, NULL) = 0
ioctl(9, VIDIOCSYNC, 0x81f0ee0)         = ? ERESTARTSYS (To be restarted)
--- SIGINT (Interrupt) @ 0 (0) ---
gettimeofday({1105393723, 595281}, NULL) = 0
send(7, "\200\311\0\1A\357\1s\201\313\0\1A\357\1s", 16, 0) = 16
gettimeofday({1105393723, 595571}, NULL) = 0
munmap(0xb7dbc000, 4096)                = 0
exit_group(0)                           = ?
Process 2906 detached

So anyways....totally lost right now....about to go down to FC1 just to get kernel 2.4.....what a mess :-)

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