[AG-TECH] SW Firewall + AG2.3

Jeremy Mann jeremy at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Tue Jan 4 09:30:28 CST 2005

Derek Piper said:
> 	The ports are usually dynamic, so if you are setting absolute port
> numbers then it won't work if you're changing venues.
> 	If it's a Windows XP box, then install service pack 2 since then you
> can set exceptions for specific programs (and it will prompt you to do
> so).
> 	For Linux machines if you allow traffic with a destination of
> for higher numbered ports, i.e. 50000-65535 then you should
> be okay. If that's not fine grained enough you can always use 'lsof' and
> grep for the exact port numbers and write a script that modifies your
> firewall (I did one for a bridge)

Don't forget about the rat control port of 47000/udp. That always has to
be open as well. To avoid networking issues I usually tell people to open
up 41000-65535 udp. I know its a large range, but going from room to room,
venue to venue, you will never know what udp ports are used.

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