[AG-TECH] Beacon 1.1 for Windows

Mike Elmore mwelmore at lbl.gov
Fri Jan 7 13:11:28 CST 2005

Hi Thomas,
I installed Beacon 1.1 on my laptop (windows xp).  At first it appeared
that my beacon was not working.  I looked at the local loss link and I
found system at Myip# in the host name. The IP Address was unresolveable.
Neither my hostname or ip address appeared in the central loss or beacon
info links.  I opened windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts and added my ip
mumber and host name.  I  had to do this on my laptop (dhcp) and my node
display (static IP)  After stopping and starting the beacon, my hostname
appeared on the central loss and Beacon info pages.  I did these steps
after verifying I had traffic leaving to the beacon server on ports
10003 thru 10004.  (ethereal)
Thank you,

Andrew Rowley wrote:

> Hi,
> Are you sure that ìNothingî happens?  Once it is installed, you need
> to click on the ìInstall Beacon Service (AutoStart)î link and then
> click on ìManually Start Beacon Serviceî.  There will be no output if
> all goes well.
> To see if the beacon is working, go to http://beacon.dast.nlanr.net/
> and look down the page for your machineís DNS name and IP address.  It
> may take a couple of minutes to appear.  It should also appear under
> the link ìBeacon Infoî on this page.
> If this is still not working, you can go to ìControl Panelî à
> ìAdministrative Toolsî à ìEvent Viewerî and click on ìApplicationî on
> the left.  This should list any errors from the beacon.
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> Subject: [AG-TECH] Beacon 1.1 for Windows
> I have tried to install the Python version of Beacon 1.1 for windows
> with no luck.  It installs fine but when I try to run it nothing
> happens.
> Any suggestions?
> Tom James
> Research Scientist (Network/System Administrator)
> Center for Rural Health Research and Education
> http://www.health.uwyo.edu/
> 1.307.766.9602
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