[AG-TECH] VIC menu slowness under linux

Jim Miller millerjw at psc.edu
Thu Dec 22 11:24:11 CST 2005

Yes, I am talking on the capture machine itself.  The machine is running 
the servicemanager with 3 video feeds (hauppauge cards) and an audio 
RAT.  The RAT is very responsive, the VIC is not.  I have attempted to 
adjust framerates from 20-30fps with no change in response time.  VIC is 
just slow.  I am running a 2.4 kernel, but I noticed this same thing in 
older Linux and VIC versions as well dating back to AG 1 days.  It has 
become an issue lately due to meetings that we attend being encrypted. 
It takes forever to manipulate through 3 VIC windows to set up 
encryption for every stream.

Christoph Willing wrote:
> On 22/12/2005, at 4:39 AM, Jim Miller wrote:
>> I am having an issue with my capture node with VIC being painfully  
>> slow to respond to pretty much anything.  If I try and manipulate  the 
>> menu, I can't do anything except click, wait 2 min, click again.
>> Is there a known fix?
> Jim,
> Is this a new phenomenon?
> When you "manipulate the menu", do you mean the vic menu(s) on the  
> capture machine itself, or the "Manage my Node" menu (back on the  
> display machine) to configure vic via VideoProducer instance(s)?
> What frame rate are you attempting? For PAL, 24fps is usually the max  
> for standard composite/s-video bt878 capture boards, rather than the  
> expected 25fps. Perhaps there's a similar problem for NTSC (try using  
> 29fps, rather than the expected 30fps)? Also, any USB camera running  
> with 2.4.x kernels is _very_ inefficient, and will cause the symptoms  
> you describe, at greater than 21fps.
> Any other apps running on the capture machine chewing up cpu cycles?
> Are other applications on the capture machine affected the same way  
> (slow to respond)?
> chris
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> QPSF Access Grid Manager
> University of Queensland

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