[AG-TECH] VIC menu slowness under linux

Christoph Willing willing at itee.uq.edu.au
Wed Dec 21 16:30:24 CST 2005

On 22/12/2005, at 4:39 AM, Jim Miller wrote:

> I am having an issue with my capture node with VIC being painfully  
> slow to respond to pretty much anything.  If I try and manipulate  
> the menu, I can't do anything except click, wait 2 min, click again.
> Is there a known fix?


Is this a new phenomenon?

When you "manipulate the menu", do you mean the vic menu(s) on the  
capture machine itself, or the "Manage my Node" menu (back on the  
display machine) to configure vic via VideoProducer instance(s)?

What frame rate are you attempting? For PAL, 24fps is usually the max  
for standard composite/s-video bt878 capture boards, rather than the  
expected 25fps. Perhaps there's a similar problem for NTSC (try using  
29fps, rather than the expected 30fps)? Also, any USB camera running  
with 2.4.x kernels is _very_ inefficient, and will cause the symptoms  
you describe, at greater than 21fps.

Any other apps running on the capture machine chewing up cpu cycles?

Are other applications on the capture machine affected the same way  
(slow to respond)?


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