[AG-TECH] Remote Device Control trouble

Paul Mercer mercer at arsc.edu
Fri Dec 16 12:11:03 CST 2005


I'm trying to install and test the Remote Device Control on my mac 
running tiger.  Following the instructions at 
I installed checked the python packages agdevicecontrol ok
but when I try to register the Node Service
I get this error:

[polaris-e0:/Users/Shared/agdevicecontrol-0.5.4] support% sudo 
Traceback (most recent call last):
line 25, in ?
     from AccessGrid.AppDb import AppDb
ImportError: No module named AccessGrid.AppDb
[polaris-e0:/Users/Shared/agdevicecontrol-0.5.4] support%

I opened python and typed help() and then modules and agdevicecontrol 
is there but no AccessGrid or AppDb.

Where can I get these modules?  The AG runs fine on my mac.

Can someone please help?

thanks in advance


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