Chris Kendrick kendrick at vpac.org
Thu Dec 15 22:27:57 CST 2005

Hi Jason

Thanks very much for your feed back.... (so to speak)

and thanks also to:
Andrew Sharpe
Christoph Willing
David McNabb

who replied directly and didn't appear on the ag-tech list

I have plenty to go on now =). I also came across your help docs on
agcentral (from your posting about AG Quality Approval) after initially
posting my problem.

Will post how I go.

Chris Kendrick

On Fri, 2005-12-16 at 12:08 +1000, Jason Bell wrote:
> G'day Chris
> >From my experience, both the XAP400 device and the audio machine can
> cause these problems.
> Some of the suggestions I would investigate is:
> Audio Machine
> *	If the output PCM / master output levels are too high, I find
> these levels can effect the echo canceling.
> ClearOne (XAP400)
> *	Ensure you have echo canceling enabled on your inputs
> (Particularly on your inputs that have mic's connected to them.)
> *	As with the audio machine levels, if you have the gain levels
> set too high, it also can effect the echo canceling.  (But generally,
> you tend to start hearing yourself back in your own speakers)
> In my opinion, these settings can be quite fiddly and takes time to
> adjust to the correct settings.
> Also, you might find the following useful to help you test the machine
> personally as well
> (http://agcentral.org/help/tutorial/qualityhelper/qusound).
> If you have any further problems, please don't hesitate to contact me.
> Hope the above helps,
> Jason.
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> Hi all
> This is my first post to the ag-tech mailing list =)
> I have recently taken over from Nelsie Fernandes at the VPAC Access Grid
> We recently had a HW failure on our audio machine (vidio reception, 
> transmission, and sound are all on different machines)
> Since I brought the audio machine back up i have been causing echo to be
> heard 
> at the other sites.
> My question is, can echo like that be caused by the audio machine not
> being set 
> up right or is the echo canceller (ClearOne XAP400) entirely to blame?
> (some of 
> the settings may possibly have been mucked up while myself and others
> were 
> fiddling around trying to find why our sound system stoped working)
> Any advice greatfuly received.
> Chris Kendrick

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