[AG-TECH] AG-Cast Seminar

Lee Margetts Lee.Margetts at manchester.ac.uk
Tue Dec 13 07:01:12 CST 2005

ESNW/MRCCS Seminar Announcement

"Memetic: An AG-Integrated Meeting Recorder"

Friday, 16th December 2005, 2-3p.m.
Venue: Room 1.10 (ESNW Access Grid), Kilburn Building



Dr. Andrew Rowley
Access Grid Support Centre
Manchester Computing
University of Manchester

Meetings pervade the life of almost all researchers, and increasingly,
these take the form of telephone and videoconferences amongst
geographically dispersed colleagues. Supporting distributed meetings that
are as productive as face-to-face meetings is a primary challenge for
research and development in this field. This is the motivation for this
project. The specific aim of memetic is to support asynchronous
collaboration on the Access Grid.

This talk will focus on the development of the Access-Grid recording and
playback engine that is to be used in the Memetic project. This will look
at some of the technical issues that were involved in the creation of this
software, including the need to develop compatible presentation sharing
software. A demonstration of this tool will also be given.

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