[AG-TECH] Building AG for Mac Via the Command-Line

Eric Olson eolson at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Dec 8 12:35:35 CST 2005

Hi Derek,
   Having X11 would be helpful, but I don't think it would be required 
at this time -- at least for certificates.  Using the command-line 
certificate management tool certmgr.py, you could import a certificate 
that you requested on another computer and exported to a file.

On OSX, you do have to source a file to setup your environment before 
running certmgr.py (and if you're running an osx venueserver, you might 
already know this):
bash example:
. /Applications/AccessGridToolkit.pp/Contents/Resources/setupenv.sh


Derek Piper wrote:
>     Hi Ashnil,
>     You can always do X11 forwarding via SSH or VNC. It might be useful 
> for you to have that in place since you will need it for Certificate 
> Requests anyway, once the AG software is fully installed.
>     Derek
> Ashnil Kumar wrote:
>> I'm currently working on building the AccessGrid to run on an XServe 
>> G5 running Mac OS X Server 10.3. I have the prerequisite components 
>> installed, and am currently building from CVS (as described in 
>> AG-Mac-Build-HOWTO.rtf). My problem arises from the fact that I am 
>> remotely logged in to the XServe via ssh (from an Ubuntu Box) and am 
>> having difficulties at the stage where the script asks me to use the 
>> PackageManager UI to enter several pieces of information.
>> Since I can't access the UI, is there anyway to use pimp to create the 
>> package?
>> Below is the end output just before I get stuck.
>> Thanks,
>> Ashnil
>> ====
>> SourceDir =  /mnt/scratch/agmac
>> BuildDir =  /mnt/scratch/agmac/AccessGrid-20051208_114947
>> DestDir =  /mnt/scratch/agmac/dist-20051208_114947
>> metainfo =  Snapshot_20051208_114947
>> version =  3.0
>> TmpDir: /tmp/tmp5QKMI-
>> Insert the following information into the Package Manager UI:
>> ---Description---
>> Title: Access Grid Toolkit
>> Version: 3.0
>> Description:
>> Version 2.3 of the Access Grid ToolKit.
>> See http://www.accessgrid.org for more details.
>> ---Files---
>> Root: /tmp/tmp5QKMI-/pkg_contents
>> ---Resources---
>> Resources: /tmp/tmp5QKMI-/pkg_resources
>> ---Display---
>> Display name: Access Grid Toolkit
>> Identifier: edu.uchicago.accessgrid
>> Get-Info string: AccessGrid Toolkit 2.3
>> Short Version: 3.0
>> Verify Major and Minor versions are correct
>> Waiting for you to Create the package in an empty folder and quit the 
>> Package Manager

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