[AG-TECH] Building AG for Mac Via the Command-Line

Ashnil Kumar ashnil at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 19:19:37 CST 2005

I'm currently working on building the AccessGrid to run on an XServe G5 
running Mac OS X Server 10.3. I have the prerequisite components 
installed, and am currently building from CVS (as described in 
AG-Mac-Build-HOWTO.rtf). My problem arises from the fact that I am 
remotely logged in to the XServe via ssh (from an Ubuntu Box) and am 
having difficulties at the stage where the script asks me to use the 
PackageManager UI to enter several pieces of information.

Since I can't access the UI, is there anyway to use pimp to create the 

Below is the end output just before I get stuck.



SourceDir =  /mnt/scratch/agmac
BuildDir =  /mnt/scratch/agmac/AccessGrid-20051208_114947
DestDir =  /mnt/scratch/agmac/dist-20051208_114947
metainfo =  Snapshot_20051208_114947
version =  3.0
TmpDir: /tmp/tmp5QKMI-

Insert the following information into the Package Manager UI:
Title: Access Grid Toolkit
Version: 3.0
Version 2.3 of the Access Grid ToolKit.

See http://www.accessgrid.org for more details.
Root: /tmp/tmp5QKMI-/pkg_contents
Resources: /tmp/tmp5QKMI-/pkg_resources
Display name: Access Grid Toolkit
Identifier: edu.uchicago.accessgrid
Get-Info string: AccessGrid Toolkit 2.3
Short Version: 3.0
Verify Major and Minor versions are correct

Waiting for you to Create the package in an empty folder and quit the 
Package Manager

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