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Please circulate this RFCP to those who might have interest in creative 
collaboration and utilizing the AG for artistic endeavors.



**Another Language Performing Arts Company*
*The University of Utah Center for High Performance Computing
Request for Participation
* *

Another Language Performing Arts Company and the University of Utah 
Center for High Performance Computing is soliciting requests for 
participation in our fourth InterPlay performance /Dancing on the Banks 
of Packet Creek,/ directed by Jimmy Miklavcic, to be performed March 31 
- April 2, 2006/./ InterPlay is a multimedia, multi-artist, telematic, 
and collaborative art form that is performed and transmitted over 
Internet 2 utilizing Access Grid technology. Invited national and 
international institutions, artists, scientists and technologists 
collaborate and participate with Another Language in the InterPlay form.

      Project Description

/Dancing on the Banks of Packet Creek /is an exploration into the 
tenuous devotion that we have towards the inundating wave of digital 
information and non-experiential knowledge. /Packet Creek/ depicts the 
Internet with its flow of disassembled pieces of data that course 
throughout the world like schools of spawning salmon. /Dancing on the 
Banks/ is our ritualistic gyrations that we express as we create, 
disseminate, search, acquire, believe in and hope for this electronic 
epistemological knowledge.

Using the metaphor of fluid motion and dynamics we will portray the 
immense amount of this non-experiential knowledge and the influence that 
it has on us. The expansive range between truth and fiction or frivolity 
and importance are just some areas of creative investigation and 
artistic expression that are encouraged for this project.

*Submission Description*

Submissions must be a brief description of how you, or your group, 
interpret the concept of /Dancing on the Banks of Packet Creek/. Include 
the creative concept, how it will be investigated and the technology 
that will be utilized for the project. Each site should have a site 
coordinator to organize all logistics at the local site and be the main 
liaison to the project director. A list of participating artists, 
scientists and technologists needs to be included. It is important that 
all sites fulfill the minimum requirements specified in the InterPlay 
Requirements listed below. Proposals should be sent via e-mail to Jimmy 
Miklavcic (jhm at chpc.utah.edu <mailto:jhm at chpc.utah.edu>) before January 
15, 2006.

*Another Language*

Another Language Performing Arts Company, with Artistic Director Beth 
Miklavcic and Executive Director Jimmy Miklavcic, is an 
interdisciplinary company that is devoted to the creative merging of art 
and technology. It's most recent InterPlay, /Loose Minds in a Box/, 
premiered on April 16-18, 2005 (Salt Lake City, UT), was selected to 
perform at the ACM SIGGRAPH 2005 Emerging Technologies - Access Grid on 
August 3-4, 2005 (Los Angeles, CA) and was invited to perform at 
Supercomputing Global 2005 on November 17, 2005 (Seattle, WA). For more 
information about InterPlay and Another Language, go to 

*University of Utah Center for High Performance Computing*

The University of Utah CHPC, the host site, in partnership with Another 
Language, provides the network infrastructure and computing facilities 
that make the InterPlay process possible. We have a gigabit Ethernet 
backbone and house two Access Grid nodes. We are Internet 2 members and 
are connected to the Abilene network.

*InterPlay Requirements*

  Description of ArtGrid

 ArtGrid, established in 2003, is an informal consortium of 
institutions, artists, scientists and technologists that wish to 
investigate the artistic potential of Access Grid technology. For more 
information, go to http://artgrid.chpc.utah.edu.

    Description of InterPlay

/InterPlay, /under the direction of Jimmy Miklavcic, is a multimedia, 
multi-artist, telematic, collaborative art form that is performed and 
transmitted over Internet 2. Invited national and international 
institutions, artists, scientists and technologists collaborate and 
participate with Another Language in the InterPlay form. Another 
Language has been researching the technology of the interplay art form 
for over ten years and has been performing in this format for four of 
those ten years. As we further develop this process, it continues to 
define the artistic nature of Another Language.

*Proposals for Participation*

Requests for proposals are solicited based on an idea initiated by 
Another Language (see above). A site coordinator must present the site's 
proposal or proposals to Another Language and meet the specified 
technical requirements before acceptance into the into the project. The 
site coordinator is the lead person at each site that is responsible for 
the coordination of all aspects of the proposal and its execution.

*Expectations of Site Participants * 

Each site coordinator is expected to meet for at least one hour per week 
with the other site coordinators and participants to discuss ideas, plan 
rehearsals and performances, and test all necessary technology for the 
project. Additional rehearsals for sites that are sharing certain 
technologies or performance ideas will also be needed. Copyright video 
and audio releases of contributions to the InterPlay process must be 
submitted and signed by all participants prior to beginning work on the 
designated project.

*Minimum Requirements for Participation*

 Minimum Technical Requirements for Participation include the following 

·        For weekly meetings, a laptop computer with web camera and 
headset microphone for single user participants. For two or more 
participants, an echo-canceling microphone (i.e. ClearOne AccuMic) is 

·        For performances, a PC workstation with two display ports, two 
video-capture PCI cards or two Firewire ports and audio card.

·        For "back stage", a standalone system or laptop for the stage 

·        A video projector, two video cameras (Mini DV or better), 
microphone and sound system.

·        High speed, multicast enabled, network infrastructure (100 
Mb/s) connected to Internet 2.

 Minimum technical support and production requirements include.

·        Local network support.

·        Local systems support.

·        AG Node operator.

·        2 Camera operators.

·        Stage manager.

·        Audio engineer.

Minimum rehearsal and performance requirements include.

·        Individual sites must present a sketch performance of their 
idea to the project director and all participants.

·        All participants must rehearse once a week for at least one 
hour in addition to the minimum meeting commitment.

·        Stage manager must have a stand-alone system or laptop for back 
channel communication.

 Time-Line of testing, rehearsing and performance.

·        Technology tests and site setup completed three weeks prior to 

·        Rehearsals with all participants three times, two weeks prior 
to performance.

·        Full tech and dress rehearsal four times during the week of the 
performance. Although each site might have their portion of the 
performance polished and ready, the rehearsals during this week are 
essential for the director and main video mixer at the host site to work 
with all video streams so that the main composition can be developed.

 Constant improvements in technology and infrastructure.

·        For 2006, we will focus on MPEG-4, DVTS and possible hardware 

·        Improve audio transport.

Jimmy Miklavcic
Multimedia Specialist
jhm at chpc.utah.edu

155 SOUTH 1452 EAST RM 405
SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84112-0190

Office: 801.585.9335
  Fax: 801.585.5366


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