[AG-TECH] multicast issues in Walkabout

Derek Piper dcpiper at indiana.edu
Wed Dec 7 08:02:53 CST 2005

	Ghosts in the machine ... It's the ghost of Steve Deering wandering the 
virtual venues ... Oh, wait, he's not dead.

	I dunno then.


/Steve Deering invented multicast

Michael Daw wrote:
> I too have seen problems in certain venues but not in others. Several people more knowledgable than me have denied that this is possible until they've seen it demonstrated. But then they just look mystified rather than being able to come up with an explanation!
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>>Hey, this is Dean Nobles at TACC.   Is it possible for a 
>>specific venue
>>on a venue server to have multicast issues?  Almost every time that we
>>use the Walkabout venue, we experience problems that appear to be
>>multicast related.  We don't see similar problems on other 
>>venue servers
>>nor even other venues on the NCSA venue server.

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