[AG-TECH] certificate issues ?

Carter Bing carter at videomac2.ncat.edu
Tue Sep 28 15:53:22 CDT 2004


We have the same problem here at North Carolina A&T State University. I
loaded the latest version of the software onto a new client machine and I
was unable to locate any clear documentation on how to transfer the
certificate from the old software onto the new system. So far we have not
been able to connect to AG using the new software. We were able to connect
about 40% of the time with the older version. 

I have to say after using H.323, that I have been very disappointed with the
performance of the AG conferencing package. I am very much concerned about
it's reliability and so far have been extremely reluctant to recommend it to
any of the researchers here as a viable tool for collaboration.  So far my
experience with software gives me the impression that it doesn't appear to
be a very stable or dependable package. It would really be helpful if there
were a clear and precise FAQ out there to use as a guide when setting up a

Thanks for any advice,


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