[AG-TECH] Consuming webservice from Venue.py within C++

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Sep 28 15:35:03 CDT 2004

We expose methods based on the explicit needs of the AG toolkit and the 
anticipated requirements of third-party clients.  For example, most of 
the VenueI interface is used by the venue client or venue management 
applications.  VenueClientI, on the other hand, is mostly anticipated. 
If there's a method that you think should be exposed, please do let us know.

Meanwhile, if you want to access venue state through the venue client, 
you can do so with individual calls, like GetUsers, GetVenueURL, 
GetApplications, etc.  What part of the venue state do you need in your 


Brian Corrie wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> A quick question following along this thread... How do you decide which 
> functionalities you include in a class like VenueI and VenueIW? I was 
> exploring this and found that one of the classes that I was using did 
> not have all of the interface functionality that I required.
> Is the best way to move forward on this to log a "Feature Request" for 
> further expansion of the interface??? In particular, I was trying to 
> access the VenueState (through GetVenueState()) on a VenueClient proxy 
> (through VenueClientIW). I don't think you should consider that a 
> feature request yet, there may be a better way to get that info that I 
> am missing... I was just curious about how to move forward if I want 
> "other info" that isn't already provided...
> Cheers,
> Brian
> Thomas D. Uram wrote:
>> Hallo Michael:
>> We are using the SOAPpy python module from the pywebsvcs sourceforge
>> project, with Globus TCP underneath.  It would be difficult for you
>> to construct an interoperable Globus SOAP client environment in a
>> language other than python, at the moment.  Interoperability is one of
>> our big goals for the near future, when we will be using WSDL to
>> describe our interfaces.
>> At present, I'd suggest you use the AG toolkit to develop a web services
>> client to the toolkit components.  Each web service component we have is
>> described by an interface (for example, the Venue is exposed through a
>> venue interface VenueI), and has an associated interface wrapper (
>> VenueIW ).  You can construct a simple application that instantiates a
>> VenueIW and makes calls to a venue.
>> I hope this helps.
>> Tom
>> Thomas D. Uram wrote:
>>> Michael Braitmaier wrote:
>>>> I want to consume a webservice from Venue.py. How would I have to 
>>>> proceed.
>>>> As far as I can see you don't provide WSDL files describing the 
>>>> webservices.
>>>> Is there any way to consume the AGT webservice from within a C++ 
>>>> program,
>>>> with reasonable effort. Sorry, for these kind of low level 
>>>> questions, but I
>>>> am a bit confused on how you implemented webservices, especially the 
>>>> way you
>>>> use SOAP. I am not quite sure wether you wrote your own SOAP library 
>>>> or set
>>>> on top another basic library providing SOAP-functionality. Therefore 
>>>> I don't
>>>> know wether I have to create all the soap messages "by hand" or 
>>>> wether I can
>>>> rely upon a library myself.
>>>> Best Regards
>>>> Michael
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>>>> Michael Braitmaier
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>>>> University of Stuttgart
>>>> Germany
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