[AG-TECH] Consuming webservice from Venue.py within C++

Brian Corrie bcorrie at sfu.ca
Tue Sep 21 12:15:25 CDT 2004

Hi Tom,

A quick question following along this thread... How do you decide which 
functionalities you include in a class like VenueI and VenueIW? I was 
exploring this and found that one of the classes that I was using did 
not have all of the interface functionality that I required.

Is the best way to move forward on this to log a "Feature Request" for 
further expansion of the interface??? In particular, I was trying to 
access the VenueState (through GetVenueState()) on a VenueClient proxy 
(through VenueClientIW). I don't think you should consider that a 
feature request yet, there may be a better way to get that info that I 
am missing... I was just curious about how to move forward if I want 
"other info" that isn't already provided...



Thomas D. Uram wrote:

> Hallo Michael:
> We are using the SOAPpy python module from the pywebsvcs sourceforge
> project, with Globus TCP underneath.  It would be difficult for you
> to construct an interoperable Globus SOAP client environment in a
> language other than python, at the moment.  Interoperability is one of
> our big goals for the near future, when we will be using WSDL to
> describe our interfaces.
> At present, I'd suggest you use the AG toolkit to develop a web services
> client to the toolkit components.  Each web service component we have is
> described by an interface (for example, the Venue is exposed through a
> venue interface VenueI), and has an associated interface wrapper (
> VenueIW ).  You can construct a simple application that instantiates a
> VenueIW and makes calls to a venue.
> I hope this helps.
> Tom
> Thomas D. Uram wrote:
>> Michael Braitmaier wrote:
>>> I want to consume a webservice from Venue.py. How would I have to 
>>> proceed.
>>> As far as I can see you don't provide WSDL files describing the 
>>> webservices.
>>> Is there any way to consume the AGT webservice from within a C++ 
>>> program,
>>> with reasonable effort. Sorry, for these kind of low level questions, 
>>> but I
>>> am a bit confused on how you implemented webservices, especially the 
>>> way you
>>> use SOAP. I am not quite sure wether you wrote your own SOAP library 
>>> or set
>>> on top another basic library providing SOAP-functionality. Therefore 
>>> I don't
>>> know wether I have to create all the soap messages "by hand" or 
>>> wether I can
>>> rely upon a library myself.
>>> Best Regards
>>> Michael
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>>> Michael Braitmaier
>>> HLRS - Visualization / Video Conferencing
>>> University of Stuttgart
>>> Germany
>>> Website: http://www.hlrs.de/organization/vis/people/braitmaier/

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