[AG-TECH] multiple video capture machines?

Brian Corrie bcorrie at sfu.ca
Mon Sep 27 18:44:15 CDT 2004

Hi Jon,

I think that you should be able to do this through the Node Management 
interface. This may be too sophisticated for the wizard (I have never 
used it, is it different than the Node Management interface or are they 
one and the same?).

You will have to run an AGServiceManager.py on each machine (Display, 
Video Capture, and Video/Audio capture). You then should be able to just 
add each machine to your ServiceManager list in Node Management. Add the 
appropriate services: VideoConsumer on display, two VideoProducers on 
VideoCapture, and two VideoProducers and an AudioService on the 
Video/Audio capture computer. Save this as the default node config and 
it should just work. We do this in the CoLab because we have multiple 
display machines and need to run some services on specific machines in 
some cases. We have multiple node configs that we load depending on the 
circumstance. Works well...



Jon Johansson wrote:

> Is it possible for me to configure a node to use video
> streams from two machines with video capture cards?
> I have equipment for a couple of nodes now and I'm experimenting
> before the equipment gets moved to try to find a way to get
> around limitations with capture cards. I want 4 streams from 
> our node but can only get two streams from each of two machines.
> I would like to configure the node with 1 display, 1 video capture
> (2 streams), 1 video and audio capture (2 streams).
> I know that I can run the three machines as two separate nodes:
> Node 1: 1 display, 1 video and audio capture (2 streams)
> Node 2: PIG delivering 2 video streams
> and deliver the 4 video streams but I don't see how to
> configure this as a single node i.e. in going through the 
> node configuration wizard I don't see an option for including
> more than one video capture machine. Is there a text file that
> I can edit for this?
> Any help is greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Jon.

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