[AG-TECH] Best single machine *Linux* hardware setup

John Hodrien johnh at comp.leeds.ac.uk
Mon Sep 27 10:22:41 CDT 2004

On Mon, 27 Sep 2004, Ivan R. Judson wrote:

> Right, I was just pointing out a nice fast linux box. I think you want to
> leave yourself "headroom" if you're buying only one box.

Indeed, but how much headroom?  32Gb?

> Bob's point on agp/pci is well taken, but you should consider if the card is
> a 64bit/66MHz or what, the bandwidths are all well known at this point and
> there *still* aren't many (if any) 4 headed AGP cards that are known to work
> with linux...or windows...

Indeed, that's what knocks the Matrox QID of the available list.  I was
assuming that Nvidia PCIe cards would work under linux with their binary
driver.  I should really check.

> http://www.just2good.co.uk/index.php?ITFrameSet.php?ioBusTypes.htm is a nice
> summary of bus data, you can do the missing pieces yourself, a 64/66 bus
> will be roughly equivalent to the AGP(2x) line in the table.

But a 16X PCIe should be equivalent to (a mythical) 16x AGP, but
bidirectional.  Now for a PCIe capture card that works under linux...


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