[AG-TECH] Best single machine *Linux* hardware setup

Osland, CD (Chris) C.D.Osland at rl.ac.uk
Mon Sep 27 10:20:35 CDT 2004

> Is the Rushmore significantly nicer than the G200 MMS?  

Anything's nicer than the G200, IMHO!  Good in its day, which was
some years ago.

> What's suitable for video capture?

Looking at our Linux box doing video capture under Linux on a
single processor Athlon XP1600, it took about 8-10% per stream.
So half an XP1600 was enough for 4 streams, using Hauppage
cards.  Haven't used Winnov Videum under Linux, so can't give
you a figure for that.

I'm not a Linux-savvy person, but if Linux can handle multiple
processors intelligently, I would have thought a twin 3 GHz
machine with, say 2 Gb memory, and a decent display card would
be fine.  I don't see that the overall parameters need be much
different for Windows XP and Linux, although the detail may be
as a result of driver availability or performance.



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> On Mon, 27 Sep 2004, Ivan R. Judson wrote:
> > I'd look at this years Linux Journal Ultimate Linux box, 
> here are the specs
> > from www.pogolinux.com:
> >
> > Motherboard/chassis: Celestica A8440 (AMD-8131 Chipset)
> > Memory: 16x PC2700 2048MB ECC REG (32GB)
> > Network interfaces: BCM5704 10/100/1000 x 2
> > RAID: Adaptec ASR2200S
> > Storage: Seagate ST336607LC 36GB U320 SCSI HDD x 4
> > Video: Appian Rushmore Quad-DVI PCI
> > Audio: Creative Labs SB Audigy
> > Power Supply: 500W Hotswap x 3
> > Miscellaneous: PC Floppy drive, IDE DVD-ROM, USB
> >
> > I'm guessing this machine would run either windows or 
> linux, and being a
> > quad processor AMD64 it's probably got plenty of cycles.
> Okay, that's one end of the scale.  If I can get the funding eh?
> What's suitable for video capture?  Assuming an AMD64 setup, 
> what would be the
> minimum you'd spec for processors?
> As far as an access grid setup, isn't this somewhat over 
> beefed.  The disks
> really don't matter a damn if you've got 32G of RAM, and 
> you'd never hit all
> that anyway.  Something like 2G a more reasonable amount for 
> the AG, such that
> you'll never hit disk under normal operations?
> Is the Rushmore significantly nicer than the G200 MMS?  
> Anyone looking at
> using twin PCIe cards to get four nicely 3D accelerated outputs?
> jh
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