[AG-TECH] screens/projectors set up

Natalia Costas Lago natalia at cesga.es
Sat Sep 25 11:17:53 CDT 2004

Hi everybody,

We are in the latest stage in building our node. The problem we have right
now is how the projectors can't be tunned so the transition from one
screen to the next is smooth (it seems to be very difficult from the
technicians to tune the position and the color). I wonder is there is some
trick AG users have to fix this.

Maybe the screens overlap and there is some software that handles the
overlapping area?

We have another problem as the central projector seems to have a slightly
different brightness (even though the settings are the same for the 3
projectors). But we havent tried to fix this so far.

Any help about this issue is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Natalia Costas Lago
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