[AG-TECH] VP 0.8 released

Markus Buchhorn Markus.Buchhorn at anu.edu.au
Fri Sep 24 18:41:07 CDT 2004

Hi all

We're happy to announce the latest release of VP, 0.8, a major update. This is also the first official release that includes a package for the Mac as well Linux and Windows, and we will continue to offer this down the track.

For the new people, VP is a replacement for vic on the display machine. It automates a lot of the display management, and simplifies the layout of multiple streams from multiple sites. In theory, once configured for your node, you can jump between venues, change the number of participants, etc. and the node operator doesn't have to do anything with the display layout, VP does it all for you.

0.8 is a major update of the user interface, and the code underneath. There are several new features (keyboard shortcuts, more tunable configuration parameters, colours :-), more and better layouts and more) as well as making it dramatically easier to add new codes for new styles of displays and layouts. You can write your own (small) python script to create a new kind of site-tile layout, or entire display layout.

There's also a VPVideoConsumerService (thank to Tom Uram). 

VP also supports DV out of the box, which we've tested with DVTS. We'd appreciate more people looking at this and giving us feedback (or code :-) ). Performance under Win32 isn't ideal yet, but improving. We're working towards having a wide range of codecs supported within VP, to provide a single UI regardless of content generators (vic, DVTS, UltraGrid, vbrick, ncast, ...).

Lots more features are coming, see the webpage. Requests and suggestions are always welcome (some have made their way into VP).

Comments to vp at if.anu.edu.au please (I'm away from email for a week as of today).



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