[AG-TECH] 2.3 & Winnov Videum

Marcus Christie machrist at cs.indiana.edu
Fri Sep 24 13:04:32 CDT 2004


I've got the same video card here, and I was having a lot of trouble 
with it.  I upgraded to 2.3, but I'm still having some problems, 
although not as many.  In particular, sometimes when I add a 
VideoProducerService, the video is "jumpy" and after a while it goes to 
a black screen.  It also takes a bit of fiddling to get any video.  I 
add a VideoProducerService, set it to configure on transmit, release, 
transmit, and then select an appropriate channel.  Another odd problem 
is that I can, after some work, get 2 of my three cameras working, but 
the 3rd one I just can't get to view.

Any advice you have is most welcome.  I also saw in an earlier message 
something about registry settings.  Did you have to do that with 2.3?



Fred Dech wrote:
> many thanks to the AG team for working out a solution for the WV4400.
> --fred

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