[AG-TECH] SharedApp on non-venue-client machine?

Andrew Rowley Andrew.Rowley at man.ac.uk
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One way around this problem is to have a version of AGTK 2.3 running on the
node that you want to use the shared apps on.  This could be set up to not
have any services configured (i.e. remove the AudioService and the
VideoConsumer/Producer services).  This AGTk can then be used to launch the
shared applications.

This would be a work-around as it wouldn't let you actually start the shared
apps on the Control Machine and have them run on the display machine.
Instead, they would have to be started on the display machine independently.
If you need to actually run the display machine remotely, you could always
use VNC to connect to it.

Hope this helps,

Andrew G D Rowley :)

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Hi All

I'm looking at better ways of managing our (multi-machine) nodes. One of the
things I want to do is have the operation be remote to the node, by having
the venue-client running on (for example) the control machine. (I'd really
like to have multiple venue clients (or just one?) on a single machine,
operating multiple separate AG nodes across our campuses, but that's a
little way off yet).

The one thing that gets in the way seems to be that SharedApps (browser,
presentations, etc.) appear on the same machine as the venue client. This
seems to tie the SharedApps, the venue client and the display machine
together. That seems to be against the architecture of distributed
node-services and service managers. So, I'm probably doing something wrong

Is there a way of configuring a node so that the sharedapps appear on the
display machine (say), rather than the venue-client machine? 



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