[AG-TECH] about Hauppuage WINTV Capture Card

Martin Polak mpolak at gup.jku.at
Wed Sep 22 02:23:12 CDT 2004

Zeppy B. Vilan wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> Does anybody use this type of chipset of the particular capture card 
> which is Hauppauge WINTV and the chipset name is:
> CX23880-19
> FC8116.2
> 0350 KOREA
> anybody has a solution running with redhat 7.3 for video machine for the 
> accessgrid. thank you for your support regarding this problem. thank you 
> and have a good day everyone.

This is the new chipset on most Hauppauge Boards, which is (afaik) only 
supported in Kernel 2.6 (and not very well there)

What I did is, replacing the cards to Hauupauge Impact VCB (capture only 
card) using Fusion (=Brooktree) 878 Chipset

Martin Polak

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