[AG-TECH] Jabber Available!

Monika Rabarison monika.k.rabarison at ccaix.jsums.edu
Tue Sep 21 09:44:39 CDT 2004


I have installed PSI on Win XP, and am currently trying to register my 
account. When I click register, I am getting a server error:

There was an error communicating with the Jabber server.
Details: Disconnected

Any hints?



On Fri, 17 Sep 2004, Ivan R. Judson wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> Here's some information regarding Jabber, the chat tool that we will be
> using for SC Global.
> For general information about Jabber, go to
> http://www.jabber.org/about/overview.php
> For those of you who are already familiar with Jabber, here's the quick list
> of servers and ports:
> General AG Jabber Server: 	jabber.mcs.anl.gov, port 5222, port 5223 for
> Group Chat:				conference.mcs.anl.gov, (there is
> already a room named meadow)
> Now here's the detailed instructions for the rest of us.....:)
> You can download a jabber client at: http://www.jabber.org If you follow the
> link on the left column under Software called "clients", you will see a long
> list of jabber clients.  The client that many of us are running is Psi, it
> runs on linux as well as windows, and it is freely distributed.  You can
> choose whatever client you wish, however, if you are a beginner at this, you
> might want to stick with something that most others will have.  The
> instructions that follow are for the PSI client.....you're on your own if
> you choose something else.
> Download and install the PSI client on your machine.  When you get to the
> Choose Components screen, I disable the Automatic startup but you might want
> to have Psi fire up everytime you log in.
> The first time you launch Psi, you will see a window titled Open Profile.
> Select the "Profiles" button at the bottom of the window.  The next window
> that opens is the Manage Profiles window.  Select "New". The next window is
> the New Profile window.  Type in a profile name (whatever you choose) and
> select "Chat".  You can also enable emoticons here.  When you are finished,
> click "Create".
> Back on the Open Profile window, the newly created profile is listed.
> Select "Open".  This brings up an annoying little "Useful tips Page" which
> you can disable...and two other windows.  The Psi window will be your main
> menu type of window.  In the New Account window, type in a name you would
> like to call your account.  Select "register this account" if this is the
> first time you created this account.  On the Register Account Page, type in
> a Jabber ID (a name you want to be called on Jabber in the format
> username at jabber.mcs.anl.gov) and a password.  Select "Manually Select Server
> Host/Port" and type in host box  jabber.mcs.anl.gov, and in the port box
> 5222.  If you select "Use SSL encryption (to server) use the following port:
> 5223. Click "register" when you are finished.
> Once you have created your account, go back to the Psi main window.  Your
> name should appear in the list next to a gray star (this means you are
> offline).  At the bottom of this window are two buttons.  The status button
> on the lower right displays your current status.  Click on this button to
> display a drop down menu.  When you select "Online" you will be connected to
> the jabber server at Argonne, and you little star will turn yellow.  The
> other button will give you additional menu options.
> Select join group chat to join everyone else in the meadow. Type in host
> name "conference.mcs.anl.gov" , room is "meadow", and any nickname you would
> like to be know by in that room.  This will bring up a window that might
> look familiar to you....just type in the lower box, it will be display your
> text in the top box along with other peoples text.  The list on the right
> will show you who's in that room with you.
> Try this tool out - we will be using it during the testing sessions from now
> on, so you will have lots of practice before SC Global!
> These instructions will be available from
> http://www.mcs.anl.gov/fl/research/accessgrid/software/jabber.html
> --Ivan
> PS -- I'm sending this so you all consider this official, but all the work
> of writing these instructions was done by Cindy Sievers. I'll take the blame
> for any mistakes, but you should all appreciate the work she put into making
> this happen. She's kept it from getting stuck in my queue. Thanks Cindy!

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