[AG-TECH] hauppauge WINTV installed in redhat 7.3

Martin Polak mpolak at gup.jku.at
Tue Sep 21 03:42:19 CDT 2004

Zeppy B. Vilan wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Does Anybody here had experience installation about Hauppauge WINTV Capture
> Card in the Redhat 7.3 linux machine? I try one but had incounter some
> error. bttv.0 failed during /sbin/modprobe bttv. anybody can give to me the
> solution about this problem. we are using the Hauppauge WINTV capture card
> for the Access Grid Video Machine. thank you..
> cheers,
> zeppy

Perhaps you have got one of the newer models from Hauppauge, not using 
the BT878 chipset anymore, but instead the Conexant 881 which is not 
supported by current 2.4 kernels (afaik).
Also the support for 881 in the 2.6 Kernel did only work for one board 
in my system.

What I did was changing the capture card to a model using the 878 
chipset which is very well supported.


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