[AG-TECH] recording an agn session

Markus.Buchhorn at anu.edu.au Markus.Buchhorn at anu.edu.au
Sun Sep 19 17:18:47 CDT 2004

Just to update our effort as well - we have a recording and playback 
system in the works that is due for first release in about a month. 
They're a pair (rec, play) of standalone daemons/services that are 
scriptable (while running even), mbus-aware, and AG aware, so they will 
record all sorts and numbers of rtp and non-rtp streams. The UI tool (we 
recommend VP :-) ) can call these daemons to provide vcr functionality on 
the streams (start, stop, ff, rew on any set of audio/video/wb/nte/ppt 
streams as makes sense). We've also planned/designed some post-production 
tools to convert the AG recordings into mpegs, for dvds mainly. That 
includes stream selection (automated and manual) of a/v and applications. 
The daemons can run on your node, or across the network somewhere else 
where you have lots of disk, without an AG node being tied up/running (for 
those 3am sessions :-) ).

Ok, so it's vapourware till it hits our website :-) but we're getting 

If you want realtime stream selection today, rcbridge can do that now at 
the multicast layer, saving you bandwidth in the process (only receive the 
video/audio streams you want - AG to the home works). v1.1 is out there 
now, v2.0 will hit the web this week. I've asked ANL if/how we can hook it 
into the AG natively, and we (ANU) are working on that, for AG3.0 (or 
sooner). That would include stream selection in the AG gui (somewhere, 
tbd). Today, you can just use a web browser.

So it depends on in how much of a hurry you are.


> That's a good point, in order to do this in the AG you'd have to write 
> code that would basically filter the streams out of a session -- we have
> this in the works now (a Video Stream Selection Service) -- and if you 
> describe how you would like this to work we can consider it as a use
> case/requirements dicussion of the service.
> Great idea. 
> --Ivan 
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> > > We have not worked on a solution for a single stream of 
> > video because 
> > > that's outside the expectations of what we're trying to 
> > build. Can you 
> > > elaborate why you would want only one stream?
> > 
> > Because very often only one or two video streams are really 
> > relevant, the other ones showing people eating sandwiches or 
> > sleeping on their desk ;-)
> > 
> > RAT saves the audio just fine, I'm only missing a solution 
> > which takes care of one or two of the VIC video streams 
> > (multiplexing can be done later).
> > 
> > Kasper
> > 
> > 

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