[AG-TECH] foreign conversation labs

Hoerschelman, Holli O HOHoerschelman at mtech.edu
Thu Sep 16 17:13:34 CDT 2004

Has anyone considered using Access Grid for foreign language learning?  


As part of a graduate research project at Montana Tech, weâ^À^Ùre putting together a few test sessions of a foreign language conversation lab to be held using AG.  The 60-minute informal sessions will give foreign language students (this time weâ^À^Ùre using students of German) from various universities the opportunity to talk with each other and with actual German students of the same age.  


The goal is to see how students react with one another in a foreign language across the Grid.  Weâ^À^Ùll also evaluate whether or not it might be a supplemental tool for foreign language instructors to expose their students to native speech.


If anyone is interested in the project, or would just like to add their 2 cents, let me know.


Holli Hoerschelman
Technical Communications
Montana Tech

hohoerschelman at mtech.edu

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