[AG-TECH] Gnome launchers in FC2

Jim Miller millerjw at psc.edu
Tue Sep 14 15:36:56 CDT 2004

I am having problems with the launchers in Gnome.  If I open an xterm or 
a gnome-terminal and run Service Manager by physically typing 
AGServiceManager.py everything works fine.  However, If I try to run 
servicemanager from the menu items or create a launcher myself, the 
AGServiceManager will run and listen on port 11000, but as soon as the 
VenueClient tries to communicate with the ServiceManager, the terminal 
window disappears and the AGServiceManager.py script dies.  I have tried 
creating Gnome application launchers for the AGServiceManager.py script 
as well as created a launcher to run just a basic xterm that runs 
AGServiceManager (xterm -e AGServiceManager.py)

I get the same result for both.
Any Ideas?


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