[AG-TECH] Echo cancellation

Jeremy Mann jeremy at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Tue Sep 14 20:20:27 CDT 2004

Markus Buchhorn said:
> At 11:54 AM 14/09/2004 -0500, Jeremy Mann wrote:
>>Can somebody recommend a budget echo canceller? Our Gentner died and
>>we are participating in the Genomics conference next week so we need
>>to find a replacement fast.
> Define 'budget' :-)

Good question! More than an arm, but less than a leg ;)

> Gentner/ClearOne have a couple of models, Polycom/ASPI have a larger range
> and in general I have found them cheaper than the equivalent Gentners
> (your country may vary :-) ). There's also the CallPort, but I'm not sure
> if that's been EOL'ed. Then there are companies that have licensed the
> Gentner and ASPI technologies in their own boxes.
> You can go from single-channel EC up to almost any number of channels.
> With fewer channels you have to do more work mixing the audio inputs, and
> they become less adaptive to changing room conditions. But for an urgent
> need, or a small room, they may suffice.

Luckily, UT Austin has a left over Gentner they are shipping to us for the
conference. Our AV department doesn't carry the Gentner's any more. I did
some googling and found that Polycom has an EF400 echo canceller which our
campus is considering purchasing. I wanted something we could buy for the
conference next month.

The whole thing started when we did an AG conference in a building a few
miles away. Our campus is spread WAY out, so I packed up our AG stuff and
moved it to the new location. The conference went very good. But packing
it up again and moving it back caused it to not cancel anything. I spent a
few days trying to tweak it to no avail.

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