[AG-TECH] 2.3 encrypted venues problem?

Chris Willing willing at itee.uq.edu.au
Tue Sep 14 05:33:27 CDT 2004

On Tue, 2004-09-14 at 15:49, Markus Buchhorn wrote:
> Hi All
> Just bringing up a new node, I'm braving a range of new things -
> WinXP-SP2 and AG 2.3 final amongst them. Initially testing on a
> single-machine, before I bring the other boxes to life, no
> video-producer yet.
> One thing I have spotted is that when I enter an encrypted venue the
> audio service starts fine (i.e. rat kicks in) but the video consumer
> does not, i.e. no vic. If I move to another non-encrypted venue,
> things start fine. Move back to the encrypted venue - no go.
> Looking in the VideoConsumerService.log file is interesting - I can
> see the venue changes being called for, but not the entry to an
> encrypted venue. So it seems like it's not even being called to change
> venue. The AudioService.log file does show it.


With the Linux versions of 2.3 final, we've found that its just about
mandatory to remove/rename the user's .AccessGrid directory tree before
normal operation could be resumed. There must be some equivalent
location for users under Windows, which I would recommend removing as a
first step. As a zero step, don't forget to export any certificates to a
safe place.

Something else you could try (no logic behind this, just something
different to try) is to replace your VideoConsumer with a VideoService
or VideoProducer. Any difference?


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