[AG-TECH] shared apps again

Susanne Lefvert lefvert at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Sep 13 18:11:31 CDT 2004

Hello Dave,

The exception you are seeing when connecting to a venue should not stop
your application from working.  Since you are connecting to a 2.1.2
server the application first tries to join the venue with an argument,
fails, logs the exception, and then enters the with a legacy call without   
arguments.  However, I believe the data store errors that are printed
in your log files are causing your application to fail.  Try putting
try/excepts around all your dataStoreClient calls and see if you can 
connect better. 



On Mon, 13 Sep 2004, Dave Semeraro wrote:

> Hi techies
> I am back at shared app development. I am in the process of trying to port 
> the shared image
> thing over to the AG2.3. I downloaded the new software and installed it. I 
> did a pretty complete
> rewrite of the AGBasicImage.py app following the shared app developers 
> guide in the wiki. It
> has the shared browser look and feel now. Except for the fact that it 
> doesnt work. I followed the
> shared app gotcha's in the wiki to try to run the application as a console 
> application so I could
> get some debug output. I got a little of that. The main problem seems to be 
> connecting to
> the venue. I have attached the shared image code and the venueclient.log 
> and the shared image
> log file from the most recent run. I get some crazy errors in the shared 
> image file that I
> just cant track down. There may be other bugs in the application that I 
> have not gotten to yet
> but I cant find them if I cant connect to the venue. So could someone give 
> me a tip as to what
> I am doing wrong here?
> Regards,
> Dave
> Dave Semeraro Ph.D.
> Visualization and Virtual Environments Group
> NCSA University of Illinois
> 605 E. Springfield Ave.
> Champaign, IL 61820
> Semeraro at ncsa.uiuc.edu
> (217) 244-1852

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