[AG-TECH] Severe problems with new AGT2.3 release

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Sep 13 11:04:04 CDT 2004

Hi Michael:

I think these problems can mostly be resolved by running the components 

See comments below...

Michael Braitmaier wrote:
> I just installed AGT2.3. Just removed the AGT2.3-b2 package from my 
> windows through "Add and remove programs" and installed the new release. 
> Afterwards nothing works as it should. Servicemanager doesn't display 
> debug info when called with --debug. 

I am getting debug output from the service manager when I run with the 
--debug switch.  Are there other components running when you start the 
service manager?

> Furthermore starts on port 11000 
> instead of 12k before. 

In 2.2 and the 2.3 betas, the service manager ran on port 11000 in 
personal node, and 12000 standalone.  In 2.3 (final), it is running on 
port 11000 in all instances.

> Starting service manager and the nodeservice 
> results of being unable to configure my node through the venue client as 
> it can't find the node service.

Can you describe how you ran these components such that you got this bad 
behavior?  If you're running the venue client from the menus (or with 
the --personalNode option), the node service and service manager will be 
started for you on port 11000.  If you're running the node service and 
service manager separately, you can start both with the command 
'AGServiceManager.py -n' (the '-n' option tells the service manager to 
start a NodeService internally); this will start both on port 11000.

> How is the AGLauncher used? It seems to expect an commandline parameter.

The AGLauncher is really intended only for the Mac platform, where such 
a menu structure is needed for the multiple components of the toolkit. 
On Windows and Linux, it's better to just use the native menus.

> Still I can connect to a venue server, but don't get any vic or rat. 
> This is odd, as I didn't have that issues with release 2.3-b2

If you're having trouble with the service manager and node service, rat 
and vic will likely not start.  They are started by services running 
within the node service/service manager structure; once we resolve the 
problem you've encountered there, the media tools will start for you.

> Also used the node setup wizzard to configure my node (which is a 
> laptop  in PIG "mode") but it resulted in a message telling me the 
> wizzard was unable to add the information to the configuration. This 
> resulted in an automated bugreport.

This could also be related to the node service/service manager problem. 
  Could you provide more information, like the text of error messages 
and the NodeSetupWizard.log file (from C:\Documents and 
Settings\<you>\Application Data\AccessGrid\Logs).



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