[AG-TECH] A couple of build questions (Debian)

Steve Smith ssmith at vislab.usyd.edu.au
Sun Sep 12 23:41:24 CDT 2004

Hi all,

I'm just getting into the AG build system as I take over the Debian
packaging from Joseph.  A couple of build questions have come up:

        To what degree is the AccessGrid dependant on the specific
        versions of the software it ships with (OpenSSL, SOAPpy, etc.) 
        Debian ships with packages of most of these and it would be
        prefable to not have to build/install new ones.
        What is the relationship between the ag-packaging directory
        (which I believe most people build with) and the packaging
        directory in the main AG tree (which appears to be broken).

Thanks.  Sorry if this is repeating question Joseph asked but I only now
have the time to look into this in detail.

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