[AG-TECH] Best single machine node hardware ? ? ? ?

Deb Agarwal DAAgarwal at lbl.gov
Thu Sep 9 19:19:11 CDT 2004

I have heard several of you mention that you are running a single 
machine AG node.
I am planning to upgrade the hardware for my node and want to try running
my room based on a single machine.  Does anyone have specs suitable
for a single machine node running Windows XP or RedHat 9.0 that can transmit
at least 2 videos, operate 1 audio, drive 4 displays, and keep up with 
the video streaming
in to a well attended meeting in a venue? Lets say up to 30 arriving 
video feeds.

Thanks for any help,

Deb Agarwal                          e-mail:DAAgarwal at lbl.gov
MS50B-2239                           phone :(510)486-7078
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab       URL: http://www-itg.lbl.gov/~deba
Berkeley, CA 94720

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