[AG-TECH] Art Grid Meeting.

Jimmy Miklavcic jhm at chpc.utah.edu
Wed Sep 8 10:30:58 CDT 2004

I originally posted this to the AG-art list but I decided to open it up 
to all.

The next Art on the Grid meeting will be today at 12:00 MDT (14:00 EDT, 
10:00 AKDT) in the Full Sail Room. If anyone wants to test before hand, 
let me know. There is bridging available.

I would also like to throw this out to all of you. I would like to start 
a monthly performance (theatrical reading, poetry slam, music, animation
demo, virtual reality interaction, happening, demo scene party, dance,
performance art, comedy, slide show, web demo, reality show, guerilla 
art, or whatever any of you want to schedule). I'm thinking on a Friday 
with a rough time slot of (18:00 UTC - 23:00 UTC). This could solidify 
two major characteristics of art on the grid. First, it will get the 
artists to concentrate a bit more about the grid as a venue and second, 
it will get the other sites to think more about being a venue, i. e. 
attending and watching the performance.

So, please think about how you might be able to contribute and find 
someone in other disciplines in your area that might want to perform. I 
would certainly like to know what is going on artistically around the 
planet. I'm getting a little tired of the news media and there constant 
drivel about the art scene in New York City. ;-)I'm sure there's a lot 
more than that going on around here.

So I guess the above is the first thing on the agenda. If there is
anything you want to talk about, let me know.

1. Monthly AG performances
2. SC Global.
3. Other busyness.

See ya later


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