[AG-TECH] AGTK version - how to make the right choice

Natalia Costas Lago natalia at cesga.es
Fri Sep 3 07:04:44 CDT 2004

I have to make a decision about the right AGTK version our partners should install. It's just within a month our important first meeting and I am not sure a beta release is a good choice. The version I used for long has been AGTK 2.1.2, but I am afraid of advising to install and out of date version (It even doesnt appear on AG software page). What should I do? 

This is a question for the AG developers team mostly, if I need to select a version to install right now, should I go for RH7.3 + AGTK 2.1.2 or should I risk a beta?

Is beta 2 showing improved stability? Is it better not to move from beta 1? I almost know nothing about AGTK 2.2 (very short live?)

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,
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